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Opportunity to Contribute to African Leaders Coalition Against Poverty/Send A Child to School Project


Learn about how to contribute your quota towards implementing SDG Goal 1 and Goal 4 by helping to solve some of humanity’s greatest problems, starting in Africa. Take action today on one of Africa’s biggest challenge – Help eradicate Extreme poverty.

The African Leadership Council, through its Social Development partner, — a non-governmental organization known as “Centre for Economic and Leadership Development” (CELD) – currently in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, has adopted the “SEND A CHILD TO SCHOOL TODAY” program to provide orphans and vulnerable children the opportunity to achieve their full potential through educational support and assistance.

Currently, the organization governs 90 Children under its care, in several secondary schools across Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya and Ghana and is totally responsible for their cost of education at the senior secondary level. For the 2020/21 Academic session, CELD’s mission is to adopt 200 additional.


Your freewill donations can help make this goal a reality.

Join the African Leadership Organization and the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development to shape Africa’s future. Join us to salvage one of these little children and putting a smile on their face. Join us and send a child to school today. Every contribution you make makes a huge difference. Thank you for standing by one little disadvantaged child today.

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